Intelligent Quality

Cardinal leads the glass production industry by maintaining the highest quality standards and through the development of industry-leading processes that meet or exceed customers’ glass specifications. To fulfill our norm, we introduce the Intelligent Quality Assurance Programs. It’s Cardinal’s signature seal for quality.

Inspection from start to finish

Every piece of glass is checked from start to finish. These inspections rely on calibrated scientific instrumentation. Therefore, results are objective, not subject to human interpretation. Certainly, this assures our plant-to-plant uniformity and consistency. What’s more our research and development department continues pushing the envelope on glass technology by bringing new benefits, manufacturing processes, coating and inspection systems.

All inspections rely on calibrated scientific
instrumentation not subject to human interpretation.


Intelligent quality starts here

The IQ programs start with the foundations of all Cardinal products, Float Glass.

A state-of-the-art sputter coating process creates Coated Glass.

Strength and quality go hand in hand in Cardinal’s Tempered Glass.

Outstanding thermal performance and low failure rate is what Cardinal’s Insulating Glass stands for.

IQ: Guarantee

Our Intelligent Quality Assurance Program is your assurance that Cardinal glass will always fulfill or exceed expectations. From float glass to insulating glass units, custom tempering and lamination or any of our energy-saving LoĒ™ coatings, quality is fundamental.

More About Cardinal

Since 1962, Cardinal's mission has been to provide the highest quality glass products for residential windows throughout the world.

Today we’re the largest fabricator of sealed insulating glass units and supply over half the low-emissivity coatings used in North America. We now distribute our energy efficient and durable glass products worldwide.