Carbon Footprint

Our Footprint

Cardinal energy-conserving products neutralize our own carbon footprint.

Cardinal’s business of manufacturing insulating glass products is fully integrated. Therefore, we experience significant gas emissions through the combustion of natural gas in glass melting and the consumption of electrical power in glass coating, tempering and insulating glass fabrication. We believe it is important to judge ourselves on the entire enterprise including the energy-conserving nature and performance of our products.

Nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulates are all emissions from our float glass operations, which are controlled and monitored by Federal EPA requirements. Carbon dioxide, a byproduct of combustion, is measured but is not controlled. This byproduct is commonly believed to be the most important of all of the “greenhouse” gases. As of now, there are no known methods of controlling the carbon dioxide generated by the combustion of natural gas in glass melting furnaces.

Cardinal’s generation of carbon dioxide from all of its manufacturing and transportation activities is 1.1 million tons per year. However, our product performance offsets our production emissions and a lot more.

Our advanced energy-conserving LoĒ³ (low-e cubed) insulating glass products help homes to significantly reduce peak and annual energy consumption. The prevention of CO2 emissions through conservation must also be considered when judging industrial activity such as Cardinal’s. Without the production of efficient glass products, significant emission savings would not be accomplished in the housing sector, which is the largest single consumer of energy in the United States (40% of all U.S. energy is consumed by buildings).

Cardinal’s entire carbon footprint is neutralized within the first twelve months after its products have been installed in North American homes. After this point of neutralization, significant conservation of energy and consequently the prevention of the generation of “greenhouse” gases begins to take place.