About Us

Cardinal in brief

Cardinal Glass Industries is a management-owned S-Corporation leading the industry in the development of residential glass for windows and doors. We have grown to more than 6,000 employees located at 37 manufacturing locations around the United States.

At Cardinal, we try to maintain a clear vision: design and fabricate the most advanced residential glass products in the industry.

We start with a heavy investment in research and development. Our twin R&D centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin provide the basis for new advances in glazing fenestration.

We turn around those fresh ideas into useful products that regular homeowners can use. We provide a turnkey solution to window manufacturers: whether it starts with insulating glass, coated, laminated, tempered or just plain float glass, it is all designed to provide the latest in applied glass science.

Company structure

Cardinal Glass Industries is a corporation with these wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Cardinal has a broad base of domestic and foreign customers. This includes all of North America, much of Europe, the Mid-East, the Far-East, and Australia.

Certification programs

Certification programs like these help us make sure that our product designs comply with government safety and durability requirements.

CE Certification

The following Cardinal products have met the requirements of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) certification:
  • Cardinal float glass
  • Cardinal tempered glass
  • Cardinal laminated glass
  • Cardinal coated glass
  • Cardinal insulating glass
CE marked products are available from our manufacturing facilities.

Standards and codes

With compliance to established standards, our inherent quality and product performance are fully recognized.

Trade associations

Cardinal supports industry efforts in research, education and the advancement of building science through work with these organizations.

More About Cardinal

Since 1962, Cardinal's mission has been to provide the highest quality glass products for residential windows throughout the world.

Today we’re the largest fabricator of sealed insulating glass units and supply over half the low-emissivity coatings used in North America. We now distribute our energy efficient and durable glass products worldwide.