Durable Insulating

The IG that Set the Benchmark for Low Failure Rate

XL Edge® is Cardinal’s original warm-edge insulating glass unit featuring a 20-year warranty. Launched in 1993, XL Edge is the pioneer of highly durable and energy-efficient spacer systems. XL Edge is available today in double and triple-pane configurations.

Industry’s Lowest
Failure Rate

XL Edge IG comes with the lowest failure rate in the industry: an incredible 0.2% over twenty years. We achieved this success on a foundation of 50+ years of experience in manufacturing IG units, with over 40 years utilizing a dual-seal silicone system.

We’ll back your business: XL Edge IG comes with a 20-year, 150% credit warranty. It’s like an insurance policy for your window business. No other IG manufacturer will offer such a guarantee.

XL Edge IG

Pane of Glass

Primary seal (PIB)

Thin gauge
stainless steel

Desiccant fill

Secondary seal (silicone)

XL Edge is a leading-edge stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone. Desiccants eliminate any potential for moisture. Argon fill improves window U-factor. Since XL Edge is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced.

Say farewell to IG failure.

Cardinal’s superior IG construction translates into a 0.2% seal failure rate over twenty years, plainly the lowest in the industry.


To compare, a vintage organically sealed IG unit—still regularly used in new windows today—has an 8.4% failure rate after 20 years. Even modern competitive spacer systems simply cannot match the long-term durability characteristics of XL Edge.

Enhanced Thermal Performance

XL Edge improves window U-factor by as much as 0.03 compared to an identical configuration using an aluminum spacer. With our advanced LoĒ coatings, XL Edge renders outstanding thermal performance.

These benefits make all the difference in compliance with local energy codes. If your marketing plan includes the ENERGY STAR® Windows program, XL Edge can be effective in qualifying more of your window and door configurations.

The warm-edge characteristics of XL Edge IG reduce the frequency and amount of condensation during extreme temperature conditions. For a typical wood/vinyl window design, it would have to be 12°F colder outside before condensation forms on a unit with XL Edge in comparison with aluminum.

Low failures mean
long-term success.

Compare your IG seal failure rate with the 0.2% failure rate of XL Edge IG. Over time, conventional IG units are increasingly prone to failure. The longer the warranty period, the more your profits may be eroded. But not with XL Edge–your windows last longer, your customers stay happy, and your profits are preserved.

This is illustrated in the following chart. Assuming a $500 service call to replace a failed IG unit under warranty, and with an 8% seal failure rate, the window manufacturer would need to add $40 to the cost of the window to cover warranty costs. With a 0.2% seal failure rate, the window manufacturer would only need to add $1.25 to the window to cover warranty claims.

Warranty costs vs. field failure rate

XL Edge Facts

Cardinal fabricates over 20 million IG units annually, with eleven IG facilities in the U.S. to accommodate any level of demand, always on time.

LoĒ coatings, tempering, lamination, internal grilles and bars, and custom shapes and sizes are all available as options.

Cardinal IG Company offers electronic order processing and logistics services for the demands of today’s marketplace.

Maintain your
competitive edge.

Cardinal IG’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, leading spacer technology and reputation for superior product quality make partnering with us a safe and easy proposition.

Contact your nearest Cardinal IG facility to learn more about XL Edge and our 20-year commitment to the integrity of your window and door business.

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