Cleaner. Greener.
New Neat.

Neat+™ Glass. A New Generation, Available Now.

Neat+ Glass is the latest generation of lower maintenance glass. With Neat+, glass is naturally cleaner. Since 2006, more than 57 million windows with Neat glass have been sold, serving as the leading product for low maintenance glass.

It Pays for Itself in Reclaimed

Mother Nature + Science =
Cleaner Windows.

Window cleaning is a chore. Exterior window surfaces require constant maintenance, but not so with Neat+ glass. Neat+ means glass stays cleaner longer. And when you must clean your glass, it’ll be easier and fast.

Neat+ uses a combination of static dissipation to reduce the amount of dust on the window’s surface, along with help from the sun to break down greenhouse gases and other pollutants to keep the window naturally cleaner.

Conductive Surface:
40% Less Dust.

Neat+ is more conductive than uncoated glass, which results in a dissipation of static charge on the surface. Test results from an outside lab show 40% less dust on the Neat+ surface compared to uncoated glass.

This means cleaner windows. The homeowner also uses less water and fewer cleaning chemicals, which save time, money, and environmental resources.

Ordinary Glass

Regular glass surface can be statically

charge and attract dust particles

Neat + Anti-Static 

Neat+ is a conductive surface, so dust

particles are  not attracted, reducing buildup

TiO2 Coating:
Advanced Photoactivity.

The titanium dioxide layer of Neat+ glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are on the glass to decompose. Neat+ is 25% more photoactive than the original Neat glass.

How Neat+ Works

The anti-static Neat+ surface reduces dust buildup by 40%

Even if you don’t clean your windows regularly, Neat+ means your glass stays cleaner longer

When exposed to sunlight, the Neat+ surface actively produces hydroxyl groups which chemically break down greenhouse gases and other pollutants

Neat+ Glass Is the
Greener Choice.

In addition to decomposing greenhouse pollutants, Cardinal’s Neat+ fabrication methods also contribute to environmental efficiency.

Cardinal’s patented double-sputtering process permanently deposits silicon and titanium dioxide on the bottom of the glass during the same pass through the coater as our energy-efficient LoĒ coatings, reducing the amount of energy needed to coat both glass surfaces. The combination of Neat+ and LoĒ keeps windows cleaner longer while providing energy savings to the homeowner.

LoĒ Comfort and Efficiency.

When Neat+ glass is fabricated with Cardinal’s low-emissivity LoĒ™ coatings, it provides maximum comfort indoors. Therefore, you enjoy year-round comfort inside the home and annual savings in heating and cooling. Additionally, since Neat+ glass has no effect on thermal or visible light performance, no NFRC recertification is required.

Visible Light
Fade Transmission
U-Factor :
  • IP
  • SI

All values calculated using Window 7.8. Emittance of ordinary (pyrolitic) low-E is 0.16.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – (SHGC):
The amount of solar radiation that enters a building as heat. The lower the number, the better the glazing is at preventing solar gain.

Fading Transmission:
The UV Transmittance is determined as an average for wavelengths 300 -380 nm. ISO is the weighted average for wavelengths 300 – 700 nm (based on CIE 89/3). This region includes all of the ultraviolet energy and part of the visible spectrum, and will give the best representation of relative fading rates. The lower the number, the better the glass is for reducing fading potential of carpets and interior furnishings.

This represents the heat flow rate through a window expressed in IP (BTU/hr·ft²·°F) and SI (W/m2K), using winter night weather conditions of 0°F outside and 70°F inside. The smaller the number, the better the window system is at reducing heat loss.

More information on the ENERGY STAR windows program.

Neat+ Glass: Cleaner, Greener
and New.


Less dust / dirt buildup

Cleans Easier

Less dust / dirt to remove

Fewer Resources Needed

Less chemicals / water

Water Can Sheet

Dries faster / fewer water spots

Decomposes Pollutants

Such as greenhouse gases

Neat+ is the only choice for naturally cleaner glass. For more information on Neat+ glass or other products from Cardinal CG Company, please contact your window manufacturer or architect.

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