Reduce The Risk
Of Unwanted Visitors

Staying safe and feeling comfortable in your home is a priority for everyone. Specialized security glazing used in Cardinal laminated glass transforms what is normally an easy barrier of entry to a home into an additional line of defense.

Tested and Proven

Our laminated glass has passed multiple tests from international standards organizations, including the ATSM International test for halting forced entry (ASTM F1233) and the burglary resistant guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL972).

Designed to keep people and property safe for longer, there are multiple glazing options available to suit your specific needs.

Basic Security

Basic security glazing consists of an interlayer sandwiched between two glass layers.

It offers owners the peace
of mind that accidental human impact

will not shatter the affected area.

Thick interlayer with minimum
0.030 width

Enhanced Glazing

Enhanced glazing is suitable for areas at risk of burglary.

This level of risk prevention will extend deterrence to entry.

Thicker interlayer with minimum
0.060 width

Heavy-duty Forced Entry Glazing

Heavy-duty forced entry glazing will deter entry from repeated assaults for a longer duration of time.


For information regarding ballistics and blast resistance configurations, please contact us to learn more.

Multiple plies of glass with multiple plies of interlayer

For more information about Cardinal’s laminated glass for enhanced security, please contact one of our Cardinal LG facilities.

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