Glass Railings that Clear
the View

Cardinal LG provides laminated glass for railings as an attractive and classy option for contemporary buildings. We fabricate the glass for maximum safety and attractiveness.

Newest Performance Requirements

In the past, handrail manufacturers designed rail systems with monolithic tempered glass. While tempered is stronger than annealed glass, the problem of fallout damage still exists in the rare event of glass breakage.

Since 2015, code requirements from the International Building Code stipulate the use of tempered or heat-strengthened laminated glass in most railing applications.

Cardinal’s laminated glass meets this code and is an excellent choice for railings in structural glass applications, exposed edge laminates, floors, and stairs.

With high performance structural interlayers, railings with Cardinal laminated glass are built to withstand the most intense impacts. This is due to their post-breakage strength, high film shear strength and edge stability that other glass types do not offer.

Fight Moisture Damage

When selecting laminated glass, it is vital to consider the application. For an indoor railing, structural PVB is suitable due to having great structural and post breakage performance at room temperatures.

In outdoor scenarios, interlayers like SentryGlas® and structrual PVBs (e.g., Saflex DG41) are ideal. This is due to their increased structural and post-breakage properties over a wide range of temperatures and superior edge stability.

Framed and Frameless

Cardinal laminated glass can be utilized in both framed and frameless railing applications.

Framed glass railings are often used for a luxury appearance while being budget friendly. They can be installed easily in inside and outside environments and feature handrails and posts.

Framed Glass Railings

Frameless railings are highly desirable due to their ultra-modern look. When installed on balconies, frameless railings also offer uninterrupted views and minimal maintenance.

Frameless Railings

Rejection rate among frameless railings is an industry-wide challenge, but due to careful quality control, laminated glass by Cardinal has a superior edge quality to protect its frameless laminated glass from failing.

Full Service Manufacturing

Cardinal LG’s offers complete production services for your design requirements.

For more information about Cardinal’s laminated glass for railings, please contact one of our LG facilities.

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