IQ - Insulating Glass

IQ Systems for Insulating Glass

Washer Quality: The first step towards production of IG units is cleaning the glass. Our washers feature automated water quality tracking systems that monitor PH levels and electrical conductivity.

Automated Glass Defect Detection: This is where scratches, coating faults and debris on glass surface are detected. The systems accurately characterize defects by size and sort them according to specifications preventing defective glass from proceeding to high value operations.

Unit Thickness: Our Assembly Gas Press (AGP) ensures the precise thickness of each IG unit to within thousandths of an inch.

Cardinal’s Assembly Gas Press improves IG unit construction quality by automating three processes into one.


Argon Fill Levels: This system measures the argon fill levels of IG units and verifies initial fill rates.

Coating Color: A spectrophotometer checks color intensity and hue. To avoid rejection of the unit, each different coating must meet specific color values.

Center of Glass Thickness: Where possible we do a 100% inspection of all important attributes, including unit or center of glass thickness. If the unit fails, it is not sealed.