Decorative Glass

Transform the Ordinary into
the Remarkable

Cardinal LG’s decorative laminated glass creates distinctive decors that transform spaces. Our decorative glass is specially made for both interior and exterior applications.

The Limits Are Up
to You

Cardinal LG is known for its consistent, defect-free laminated glass even at high volumes. In addition to that, our decorative fabrication expertise can match your company’s unique architectural concept.


Ceramic ink printing
Vanceva® color interlayers
Customer-supplied materials

We meet you in the middle and act as an OEM for your vision. The outcome is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind decorative glazing that creates a distinct mood. The creative possibilities of decorative glass only stop when your ideas do.

Advanced Ceramic
Ink Printing

The construction of our printed glass is made to last forever. The artwork is printed on an optically clear glass substrate. After drying and tempering, the printed surface is married to a polymeric interlayer and another clear tempered pane. The glass sandwich passes through an infrared oven, and then to an autoclave for final curing.

The result is a stunning piece of glass artwork, while also being qualified for use as safety glazing.

Printing Features

Photorealistic images
Ultra-real material textures
Fully opaque colors possible
Many custom shapes and sizes

Our Capabilities

Maximum glass
3,657mm x 2,438mm
(144in x 96in)
Up to 1440 dpi
6-color process
Custom premixed
Special effects
Specialty interlayers
Vanceva Colors

For the perfect color match every time, Cardinal provides Vanceva-brand color PVB interlayers. With more than 17,000 transparent, translucent or solid colors available, we’re sure we can provide whatever your inspiration demands.


If you have a unique, specialized design requirement, we are able to help. We can work with almost anything. Customer-embedded materials might include fabrics, veneers, metals, woods, among others.

Imagine, then Create

Since Cardinal’s decorative glass is tailored to your vision, we work collaboratively with you so that your objectives are fulfilled.


Our in-house fabrication team provides careful guidance throughout your project, whether it be a ceramic-printed or a customized interlayer design.

Put Your Vision to Work

Cardinal LG’s decorative glass makes a great addition to any interior or exterior building design. Common applications include partitions, doors, decorative panels, stairways, railings, floors, and other architectural glass treatments.

To get more information about our decorative glass, please contact your architect or reach out to one of our laminated glass facilities.

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