Sea-Storm Hurricane Glass

For homeowners in the southeastern coastal regions, hurricanes are a familiar problem. In fact, during 2005, there were a record number of hurricanes and major storms, including Katrina and Rita. Certainly these affected many lives in a clear way. Adequate protection of one’s family and assets is of paramount concern during these unfortunate events.
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During windstorms and hurricanes, windborne wreckage can impact windows, with gusting, pervasive winds to follow. To protect the inside of a home, windows must resist such penetration and remain in place and intact throughout the storm. Tests show that specially designed laminated glass products pass windborne debris impact tests, and when broken, the glass fragments tend to remain integral, adhering to the plastic interlayer, helping to preserve the stability of the building envelope.

Wind Speed Zones for U.S Coastal States

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A shield of protection

To meet the challenges of today’s unpredictable weather patterns, many architects and designers are discovering that Sea-Storm laminated glass, a product of Cardinal LG Company, provides unequalled protection and flexible design solutions to all variety of configuration needs. It is produced by bonding a combination of plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panes of glass into a single sheet.
Sea-Storm glass looks like ordinary glass, but is designed for windows to pass stringent building requirements in high wind speed coastal areas. It protects like a shield against accidental impact, forced entry, sun damage and unwanted noise. Extensive testing shows that upon impact, the broken glass fragments tend to adhere to the durable, bonded plastic vinyl interlayer, reducing the risk of injury.
To maintain a comfortable home during calm times, add Cardinal’s LoĒ³ coatings to the glass. Though virtually invisible to the eye, this low solar gain layer reduces solar heat gain intake, thus reducing air conditioning costs and providing a balanced indoor glass surface temperature throughout the year.

For year-round, all-season thermal protection, Sea-Storm can also be made in an insulating glass configuration. This will reduce the total window U-factor, protecting against unwanted heat loss during seasons of cooler temperatures. For beautiful glass that can take nature’s back-talk, choose Sea-Storm laminated glass.

Facts about Sea-Storm

  • LoĒ³ coatings and tinting available
  • Monolithic or insulating glass options
  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Can be used in windows that pass rigorous impact protocols

How to get Sea-Storm in your windows

Many window manufacturers, especially in the coastal regions, offer hurricane-rated laminated glass. Please contact your window supplier, builder or architect on how to obtain Sea-Storm glass in your next window purchase.

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