Glass Glossary

Glare Control Glass

Last Updated: November 23, 2023

Glare control glass is specially designed to reduce excessive brightness and minimize glare, improving visual comfort while still allowing for natural light. It is particularly beneficial for windows and doors in environments with strong sunlight or where glare can be a concern, such as homes or offices with large windows, buildings near water bodies, or areas with intense sunlight.

Cardinal's Glare Control Glass Products

LoĒ³-340® Glass: Part of Cardinal’s high-performance low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, the LoĒ³-340 coating is designed to selectively filter out the sun’s heat-producing rays while maintaining excellent light visibility. It significantly reduces glare, offers highest-level solar control, and provides thermal comfort.

LoĒ²-240® Glass: Cardinal’s LoĒ²-240 glass, another low-E coated glass, effectively manages sunlight by reducing glare and offering excellent solar control. LoĒ²-240 glass features a gentle gray exterior color.

Both LoĒ³-340 and LoĒ²-240 coatings from Cardinal effectively manage sunlight, reducing glare and optimizing light and energy performance. They are perfect choices for applications requiring glare control, solar heat management, and energy efficiency.