Product Overview

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Cardinal’s glass

Complete Float Glass Products

Standard flat glass with regular and low-iron configurations, as well as anti-corrosive products.

Cardinal FG Company Products:

Pure float glass

Low iron glass

Anti-corrosive glass

Custom Tempered Glass for Safety

High quality safety glazing provides protection in areas of increased risk, with custom and large order options.

Cardinal CT Company Products:

Safety glazing for custom applications

Advanced Coatings for Solar and Thermal Control

Invisible coatings that cut winter heat loss, protect against heat from the sun, and create comfortable interior spaces.

Cardinal CG Company Products:

The ultimate coating for any application

The latest in triple-layer tinted coating

Our previous generation of tinted coating

Coating for moderate solar control

Safety glazing for custom applications

Comfort and compliance for all Canada

Enhanced compliance for all Canada

For maximum U-factor efficiency

Exterior surfaces stay cleaner longer

Laminated Glass for Safety,
Security and More

For special applications including safety, security, hurricane resistance, railings and decorative treatments.

Cardinal LG Company Products:

Stay serene inside your home

Prevent against forced entry

Achieve new levels of tranquility

Resist impact from high-wind storms

Reliable way to keep your views

Enhances architectural spaces

Block the sun’s damaging rays

Insulating Glass for Maximum Thermal Efficiency

Double and triple-pane units that utilize a durable warm edge spacer system for high thermal performance.

Cardinal IG Company Products:

Latest warm-edge spacer

Long-lasting spacer system

Protect glass through installation

At Cardinal, we design and fabricate the most advanced glass products in the industry.

We invest in the latest technology to give our customers the best product, always. We worry about the details while you enjoy the views.