Optimized Glass for Interiors

Purevision® low-iron glass offers striking color accuracy and a highly attractive Icelandic blue edge.

Its nearly colorless appearance and enhanced light transmittance of up to 91% heighten the aesthetic of any application, including bathrooms, railings, saunas and more.

Imagine and formulate pleasing, functional designs with Purevision's enhanced natural color rendering, color neutrality and blue edging – the optimal solution for furniture, display cases, partitions and more.

A True Blue Hue

Float Glass
Low-Iron Glass

Purevision with HydroClear

A Perfect Combination

When combined with HydroClear® anti-corrosion coating, Purevision glass keeps its crystal clear appearance despite exposure to corrosive elements.

For showers, baths, saunas and other interior applications that are exposed to heat, water and humidity, the HydroClear glass surface ensures lasting protection for the life of the product – and Cardinal’s Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantee backs it up.

Standard Glass
with Corrosion

Ideal for Interior Applications

Ensure the lasting clarity of Purevision glass with HydroClear anti-corrosion coating. Protect against unsightly corrosion from water, heat and high humidity to maintain the striking elegance of your Purevision glass.

More About HydroClear
Regular glass
Purevision glass


Purevision is an ideal choice to preserve your design integrity and where the flow of natural light is a key design feature.

Car Washes
Frameless Railings

With Purevision, the view just got clearer.

To select Purevision low-iron glass for your next architectural project, please contact your window manufacturer, contractor or architect.


In addition to the performance and product-specific resources above, there may be additional technical resources available. Contact your Cardinal representative for more information.

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